Business Support Portal

Manage all your assets within one platform

Managing multiple IT devices can involve a lot of effort and admin. That’s why we’ve created the Business Support Portal; an easy to use online platform that helps to reduce the amount of admin time required, leaving your IT team with capacity that can be reinvested back into the business. The platform gives teams full visibility over all Dynabook/Toshiba devices and equips them with a comprehensive range of features that make the Business Support Portal a perfect assistant.

One Business Support Portal license is valid for your whole company, rather than just a single device or user. With both a 1-year and a 3-year license available, which can be purchased as stand-alone Service or as part of the Platinum Support Service, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your business. The Platinum Support Service is our premium on-site offering that includes an exclusive blend of features to enhance your company, such as on-site repair during the next business day, a Hard Drive Retention Service, a dedicated Service Account Manager, a VIP Support Centre and much more.

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Outstanding features designed for your business needs

Asset Management

All your assets in one place

Get an overview of all your devices purchased within the last 4 years, including in-depth product information like the MAC Address, UUID and warranty status. List and filter your devices by country and export any important information to an Excel spreadsheet.

Service case logging

Organise repairs

If a repair of your product is necessary, simply log your repair case via the Business Support Portal. There’s no need to contact a call centre; instead you can use a pre-filled request form and thus minimise your workload. Moreover, you can also order Customer Replaceable Units for self-repair.

Service case tracking

Check your current repair status

See the current repair status of your product with the service case tracking function. You can also view the complete service history of your company and get information about service type, service country, creation and closing date, used parts and many more.

Software & Driver download

Benefit from specialised download packages

Take advantage of specially preselected software and driver packages, tailored to each individual model. These packages allow you to quickly set up and use your device in the most efficient way, without the need to search for and download them individually.

Advantages for your company

Easy to use

The Business Support Portal is a simple, user-friendly and intuitive online platform. Simply log in to use it any time, no matter where you are.

Save precious time

All features of the Business Support Portal are geared towards optimising IT resource time, reducing the administrative burden and freeing your staff to focus on other business goals.

Get comprehensive control

Get all the information you need to effectively manage your Dynabook/Toshiba devices, optimise asset utilisation and plan for your future IT investments.

Features overview

Asset Management

Get an overview of your Dynabook/Toshiba units and access in-depth details about your products and their warranty status

Service case logging

Log service cases and report a defect on one of your Dynabook/Toshiba products, or order Customer Replaceable Units for self-repair

Service case tracking

Track the current status of your repair and view the service case history of your whole company

Tailored driver and software download packages

Benefit from preselected driver and software downloads tailored to each model

Technical Knowledge Documents

Find all relevant documents and manuals corresponding to your Dynabook/Toshiba devices


Register Dynabook/Toshiba products and services on an individual basis or via bulk upload

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